2002 Honors Graduates Cardean

Cardean University NY

reliable medications buy priligy usa We were founded in 1998 by Unext and the Cardean Learning Group as a large equity share investment into the quickly growing .com E-Learning category.  This Manhattan based for profit University offered a regionally and nationally accredited Advanced Path independent study HS Diploma, Bachelors of science programs & specialized Masters degree programs.  The curriculum was put together by a group of ivy league professors and the school was used as a proof of concept for this highly profitable E-learning venture.  This E-learning concept 50% + online & 50% on campus then and now 100% online is now being mirrored by hundreds of universities across the U.S. and the world.  In 2003/04, after many investor, financial aid and administrative issues, the college was forced by the department of education to merge with Ellis University in New York and subsequently, was absorbed into The Ellis College of NYIT.  In 2007, Ellis College of NYIT merged with Ellis University of Chicago and all enrolled students were given the choice to continue their studies with Ellis University of Chicago, or transfer to New York Institute of Technology to finish their degrees.  Unfortunately this private institute is out of business and is no longer supporting its graduates.  The outgoing administration in 2003 did not use a clearing house to transfer student records, so it has been left up to the Alumni Association to support the graduates.  We have as much information as we could acquire and we are here to help all graduates with any information we can provide them with.